Why Air Conditioners Are Getting Better

The newest air conditioners in the market are more long lasting, better compared to the other models. The air conditioning equipment is one of the most used in the US with at least 88% of the American households owning it. However, it has highly been associated with some negative qualities such as consuming a lot of electrical power as well as being noisy.

Scroll compressors are the latest compressors being used on air conditioners due to their good qualities such as their ability to use less energy and reduce noise. There are two similar scrolls that are fitted together. One scroll is fitted with an electric motor while the other remains stationary. They are in constant contact with each other due to the acentric motion. They work better with time and as they wear down they allow little air out.

Fortunately, there is a new AC technology in the market that does not have the adverse qualities associated with the old one. The new Ac has an improved fan-blade compressor and shapes with a reduced level of noise. The R410A is a new generic refrigerator that is chlorine free and does not consume the ozone layer. Two decades ago, the system used to consume at least 6000 electricity watts per hour for an average house. Nowadays, the average size house is cooled to at least 1,710 watts hourly. The operating efficiency has generally increased by 250%.

The air conditioner regardless of its efficiency has to be properly sized to ensure that there is reduced energy use and maximum comfort. What is important is to have a well-balanced condenser with a cooled and pressurized refrigerant and an evaporator with a cooled indoor air. The indoor air is as well dehumidified before it is circulated through the ductwork of the house.

It is imperative not to undersize the system as it can overwork the clog and condenser which is likely to shut down the system. Nonetheless, Richard Trethewey says oversizing is very problematic because the contractors avoid the future complaints by jacking up the tonnage. Richard says that more is not good as it quickens the cooling down of the house making the thermostat to shut off before it fully dehumidifies and circulates the inside air. As a result, the house is clammy and colder. Let your contractor know that you want the thermostat to be 75 degrees that is very comfortable due to the sufficient dehumidification.

it’s important to invest in a compressor that works during the hottest days and works at full power. There is no compression during the rest of the time and that makes the air handler operate longer and squeeze out humidity. One is able to save more energy and you are more comfortable. Before investing in a new AC system, it is important to some research on the same. The invested amount should depend on the electricity cost as well as well as the period of time you’ll run it. Considering that a condenser runs for only 15years and costs 2000 USD saving you at least 100 USD a year it’s imperative to reconsider. It is not advisable to put the new and old components together as the compressor will end up being ruined and that is not impressive.

According to Richard, there are installation mistakes that have come up over the years. First, the refrigerant overdose jams more gas in the Ac system that slows down the cooling effects. Secondly, the pipes are overly long making it difficult to complete the refrigerant cycle. Thirdly, the condenser requires at least two feet space all round to circulate enough air and eliminate heat.

The condenser has more cool air and should be maintained every year for efficiency and lessen the electric bill
What to do at the Condenser

  • Use the bristled paintbrush or hose to brush away the dirt from the cooling fins.
  • get a fin comb from an AC dealer and use it to realign the bent or crushed fins
  • Remove the loose debris and rake them up. 
  • Remove obstacles near the condenser to ensure that there is a maximum flow of air using the condenser coils.

The evaporator

  • Make sure that the power is disconnected, scrub it with hot water, soap, leach and use a sponge.
  • Kill the algae and mold using bleach to prevent clogging and the pan from overflowing
  • Make sure that the tubes drainage system is working. 
  • Wipe the coils
  • The blower fins should be well dusted off using a vacuum.
  • It’s good to change the handlers filter and ensure that it matches the capacity of the blowers.


Call an expert to ensure that that the refrigerant is working accordingly, the electricity is well connected and there is a free flow of air. Ensure that there is a chlorine tablet to prevent the mildew and algae.