Selecting a Perfect Vacuum Cleaner

When you want to buy a vacuum cleaner, we recommend that you take your time to read the different vacuum cleaner guides and reviews and not just go for the most attractive vacuum cleaner. Keep two most important things in mind; your health and the elements of the vacuum cleaners. With a variety of vacuum cleaners available, the following factors should help you narrow down your choice.

Allergy Concerns

The question of allergies such as asthma is very important when it comes to you making a decision on which vacuum cleaner to purchase. Most preferably, you should go for a vacuum cleaner that removes all the dirt without necessarily stirring it up. We recommend a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that helps in collecting nearly 99% of the pollutants and a design that is airtight thereby reducing the chances of upsetting the dirt. Also, a bagged vacuum cleaner will ensure that the allergens are trapped, unlike a vacuum cleaner that is bagless. Though the bagged vacuum cleaners are costlier, they need more filters and also frequent cleaning to suit your allergy needs. The bagged Miele vacuums are such devices that have the features that reduce the spread of allergens that are responsible for triggering asthmatic attacks and other allergic syndromes.

Bagged or Bagless

Whether a customer prefers a bagless or a bagged vacuum cleaner is all matter of choice. As seen earlier, if you have an allergy you should purchase a bagged vacuum cleaner that traps even the tiniest dust particles from the environment and surfaces. This is because emptying bagless bins can return dust and other allergens to the already cleaned surfaces, which may cause adverse health effects. If you are not allergic, the bagless vacuum cleaners may just do for you. You do not need to incur an extra cost of purchasing more filters.

Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners

If your vacuum cleaner is for commercial/industrial use, the wet/dry vacuum cleaners will be a good choice. The frequency of cleaning up wet spills makes the wet/dry vacuum cleaner a perfect match for you. The NilfiskAttix 30 model and the Nilfisk Eliminator Pro II Vacuum are some of the options in this category.

Canister, Stick, or Upright Vacuums

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, the ideal for homes is the upright vacuum cleaner for all carpeted and also hard floors. They are easy to steer and to move in spacious rooms. They are also ideal for offices. Features to check closely include height adjustment, power cord length, and also, suction control. The Miele vacuums are perfect for this category.

Nevertheless, if you have a bare floor or a light carpeted floor, go for the canister vacuums. Moreover, they are easy to carry up the stairs and maneuver under the furniture. The popular canister vacuums
brands include Eureka and Electrolux.

Lastly, if your floor is smooth and you live in a small apartment, the stick vacuum cleaners will come in handy. It is ideal for quick cleaning and its light weight allows you to clean up all areas. The stick vacuum cleaners allow you to clean every tight spot of your apartment.

Commercial and Residential Vacuum Cleaners

Remember that you need a heavy-duty machine for commercial/industrial use. The most preferred/purchased machines for commercial use are the Nilfisk vacuum cleaners that have over many decades set the standard under this category. The elements in commercial vacuum machines are specially designed for specific industrial jobs such as mercury cleanup, artifact cleanup, and cleanup of hazardous materials. Additionally, the Pullman-Holt vacuum machine is also outstanding in the commercial category.

For a residential vacuum machine, choose a medium to light duty machine, depending on your specific need. The size of your apartment and the type of carpet or floor dictate the type of vacuum machine to be purchased as earlier seen. For instance, if you want a quiet machine, the Canister vacuums seem to be quieter than other brands.


Selecting a vacuum m cleaner can at times be confusing given the wide range of products available in our retail stores. A perfect vacuum cleaner takes care of your indoor needs. On the other hand, a poorly selected vacuum cleaner can be a source of a headache for many people. We believe that this article will help you in making an informed choice of a perfect vacuum cleaner that suits your needs.